Only Fools and Horses

acrylics on MDF board, ​approx 41 x 61cm  £85


acrylics on rigid board, 

Maya Angelou   -  not for sale

Father Ted

acrylics on rigid board, 46.5 x 68cm approx. £70

Elvis - approx 47.5 x 61cm  

acrylics on board, £65

Any requests?  If you'd like something painted specially for you, please contact me.  
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not for sale

Bob Marley

Acyrlics on rigid board, A2 size £70.

The Quay, Burnham-on-Crouch - 1960.

Not for sale.

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What the..?   What Guillain-Barré Syndrome Did to Me

Simon's account of his experience with GBS.  An e-book available on Amazon. Click on the image below:

The Young Ones - not for sale

The Specials

Black & white paint - not for sale

Daft Punk - not for sale

Graham Chapman  - not for sale

Simon N. Smith is an artist, who became a prolific painter while attempting to recover from Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS)

​​Commissions and requests welcome

New CD:
​ The Smoothfield - Gear 
  a 17 track retrospective    
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Samuel L Jackson - Pulp Fiction

Acrylics on rigid board £75.

The Quay, Burnham-on-Crouch at dusk - 2016.  Sold

Southwark - London, after the rain.  
Approx 61cm x 61cm, acrylics on canvas board, unframed. £250.

Marilyn Monroe / Some Like it Hot

Approx 72x50cm, on rigid board £75

England 1966

Approx 50x40cm, on rigid board, £70

Westminster Bridge - London, after the rain.
Approx 61cm x 61cm, acrylics on canvas board, unframed. £150.

Jesse & Mike, Breaking Bad - not for sale


Short video showing all 46 pictures from the first solo art exhibition; The Paintings of Simon N. Smith, Burnham-on-Crouch, July 2013:

​Acrylics on rigid board, approx 72cm x 55cm,  £75.

  This way and that
   Simon's e-book of short
   available on Amazon
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Acrylics on rigid board £70

Sid James & Hattie Jacques / Carry On Doctor

Approx 59.5x42cm, on rigid board, £75.

 Exhibition & Sale August 12th 2107, in  Burnham-on-Crouch.     details

Two Ronnies

Acrylics on 3mm MDF 46x60.5cm approx