Father Ted

acrylics on rigid board, 46.5 x 68cm approx. £70



not for sale

Any requests?  If you'd like something painted specially for you, please contact me.  
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Elvis - approx 47.5 x 61cm  

acrylics on board, £65

Maya Angelou   -  not for sale


acrylics on rigid board, 

Only Fools and Horses

acrylics on MDF board, ​approx 41 x 61cm  £85

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New CD:
​ The Smoothfield - Gear 
  a 17 track retrospective    
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Simon N. Smith got Guillain-Barré Syndrome in spring 2010. While recovering Simon took up painting, and after a partial recovery became a self-employed artist in summer 2013.  

He has written a book on his experience in hospital, called What the..? What Guillain-Barré Syndrome Did to Me.

This is available on Amazon here:     

Simon's new book, This way and that, a collection of thirteen short stories, is available on Amazon here:

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