Elvis - approx 47.5 x 61cm  

acrylics on board, £65

Father Ted

acrylics on rigid board, 46.5 x 68cm approx. £70


acrylics on rigid board, 

Only Fools and Horses

acrylics on MDF board, ​approx 41 x 61cm  £85


not for sale

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Maya Angelou   -  not for sale

The Smoothfield are:
​Simon N. Smith
- Synthesizers, keyboards, vocals, drum programming
Chris Hill  - Guitars, effects, synthesizer


Kirsty Pilling - vocals and backing vocals

Debbie Kilbride - flute and backing vocals

Dan Pilling - guitar on Tired Old Samantha

Ross Thomas - Guitar, harmonica on Don't be Afraid of the Dark

The Smoothfield, a band of people who didn’t have the time to be in the band.

  All of the The Smoothfield’s music was produced as demos in the shortest possible time; an hour or two here and there. The songs were recorded as they were being composed and arranged.  

  Entirely recorded on cassette tape on a Tascam 4-track, through a 1980s Boss 6-channel mixer. Played on nicely out-of-date music equipment: analogue synthesizers, outdated drum machines, an array of guitars, battered old keyboards and effects. Somehow, more than 60 songs and instrumentals were recorded doing things this way.

The CD can be purchased for £5.50 (including P&P within UK, via Paypal. Please email smoothfield@yahoo.co.uk